IBRAMAR covers requirements from small parcels to large shipments of tons of coal, ores, minerals, steel, cement, fertilizers, grains, sugar etc. All sizes are covered from 2,000 up to 150,000/250,000 deadweight, in the international dry cargo and tanker sector are covered.

IBRAMAR’s success in chartering is a result of the good relations it maintains with the various charterers, ship owners, associates, brokers and shippers. The chartering department at IBRAMAR directs its efforts at obtaining the best freight rates possible, and in return new markets can be opened for customers’ products worldwide.

IBRAMAR is well known in securing returned cargoes for vessels arriving to discharge their shipments in Egypt.

Chartering services offered at IBRAMAR:
1. Contract of affreightment
2. Project development
3. Project management
4. Ro/Ro Shipments
5. Tailor made projects