Crew may join or land in the different Egyptian ports for repatriation. Any such signing off/ on formalities and procedures for the departure or arrival of any crew is handled by IBRAMAR’s specialized team. Transportation from the Egyptian ports to Cairo airport is also managed under IBRAMAR’s supervision.


On-Signing Crew
On-signing crew should have in hand:
- Contract of employment
- Introductory letter from owners stating ship’s and agent’s name and specified port of arrival
- License of competency
- Valid seaman’s book

Off-Signing Crew
Owners / masters should provide:
-Nationality and passport number
-Indication of any travel arrangements and an indication of whether tickets are to be issued by agents with seaman’s far

For European and American citizens, entry visa is not required. Citizens of other nationalities can be granted the visa from Cairo’s airport, yet it is recommended that the visa be obtained before departing the citizen’s country to avoid any out of hand delays. For specific countries, the entry visa can only be obtained prior arriving Cairo.