The IBRAMAR GROUP is one of the major shipping and logistics firms in Egypt that has been playing a vital role in the shipping arena, since its conception.

The group was founded by Mr. Ibrahim Moomen, a well-known figure in the international maritime field, and was firstly established in the German Federal Republic in 1979.

In 1979 IBRAMAR (Germany) initiated its first operations, specializing in the affreightment of cement, scrap and steel to Egypt.

The operational scope expanded over the years to include the worldwide transport of millions of tons of coal, ores, minerals, fertilizers, grains and sugar.

In 1985, Mr. Moomen extended the activities of the principal company to the Arab Republic of Egypt and opened the first branch there in Port Said, with the aim of raising the standards of maritime transport in the Middle Eastern region.

Today IBRAMAR has seven different branches in each of the main, strategic Egyptian ports:
Alexandria, Cairo, Damietta, El Arish, Port Said, Safaga, Suez and Cairo.

Through its established national network, IBRAMAR serves monthly about 60 vessels passing the Suez Canal and/or undergoing cargo operations at Egyptian ports