Project and heavy lift cargoes may include items such as manufacturing equipment, factory components, power equipment such as generators and wind mills, military equipment or almost any other oversized or overweight cargo too big or too heavy to fit into a container. Analysis, Planning and Scheduling are extensive and thorough. We work with you to determine the what, when, where, who and how of the entire process. All aspects including the ship selection, stowage plan and handling procedures are reviewed with you prior to execution of the operation. Everyone involved has a chance to voice opinions and concerns.

We will access the best of the wide variety of tonnage on the world market today. The majority of the ships we use are under 15 years of age, possess the highest class of Lloyds 100 A1 or equivalent and have European owners and officers.

Inland Transportation of the cargo by tug and barge, truck or train can be arranged for you from point of origin to departure port and from port of delivery to final destination.

All Documentation is processed on your behalf: shippers export declaration, manifests, bills of lading and customs forms. All Port Charges, Tariffs and Taxes of domestic and foreign ports are paid for you and included in the contract.

You will get regular position reports and updates on the estimated time of arrival (ETA). You can better coordinate your on-site arrangements and eliminate costly standby of manpower and equipment at the destination